Apple and Google will fight the future of gaming as the whole sector gets a radical transformation

The video game business is in a transitional stage, and this is not just because next year will be the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Rapid acceptance of smartphones and worldwide internet infrastructure investments have helped video games achieve more than two billion players worldwide, blurring the line between casual, free-to-play mobile games and traditional console games beyond recognition.

Now the technology companies who helped create possible this modern era of video games are prepared to assume bigger positions within the industry.

Apple introduced a monthly subscription service earlier this month providing over 100 iPhone, iPad, and MacOS games. Stadia, a brand new streaming video game platform that will compete with significant consoles and PC releases, will be launched by Google in November.

While these services will not be an instant danger to current businesses, they do point out how the gaming company might change in the near future.

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